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Ice Cream Van Hire Sheffield

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Hire our van for any event in Sheffield. Just give us a call.

Ice Cream Van Hire in Sheffield

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Hire our van for any event in Sheffield. Just give us a call.

Rossi’s Ices Van Hire in Sheffield

Rossis Ices serves freshly made Ice Cream in Sheffield. We are selling soft ice cream to the public from mobile vans from few decades. Rossis Ices cover all kind of events in Sheffield and its surroundings. Rossis Ices have number of Ice Cream Vans to Hire. For bigger events, We send more vans depending upon number of people participating in the event.

Rossis Ices offers soft serve ice cream from a machine which is served in a cone either with a chocolate flake, sugary syrup or topped with sprinkles as a result better taste. Hire Ice Cream Van for your next event and provide more options to your visitors to make your event successful.

For any local authorities, councils, society or organisations in Sheffield require ice cream van hire? then please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Are you looking to hire an ice cream van for your local event? Call us today on 0797 460 3785 to find out about booking and confirmation.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert. Ice Cream origins date back to 200 B.C, when people in China created a dish of rice mixed with milk that was then frozen by being packed in snow. Vanilla is the most popular flavor among the people, however there are so many different types of flavor now a days in the market giving more choice and style to the dessert menu.

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